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Flick on Food

Download the app and live the experience with us, because Flick on Food is first of all a collaborative wiki food, that keeps evolving thanks to your contribution.

Flick on Food is the first wiki food ever that starts from the ingredients by exploring their origins, history, variety, curiosities and recipes. Information that come from food lovers and experts from all over the world.  Besides users, there is an editorial staff that monitors and produces up to date contents. Flick on Food is a new wiki food experience in real time, where you decide which ingredient you want to explore, what to add, what to buy and which recipe you want to try. A digital project, a new collective intelligence where the community produces and enriches existing contents. Thanks to Flick on Food we give space and visibility to local farmers and their products, that are often ignored by many.

Enjoy ingredients anytime, anywhere!

  • Know new ingredients and discover local varieties.
  • Lie the aesthetic aspect of food, through pictures and video selected by the editorial staff
  • Try a new user interface with the new total scroll interface
  • Sign up and personalize your profile
  • Are you a food photographer? Take pics and upload them…
  • Add a new ingredient and/or improve the existing ones.