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We design concept and tech software solutions, such as: Mobile app, Virtual Tour, Game in VR e AR. Each solution is empowered by a data analysis tool. Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality for custom engaging and interactive digital products.

Virtual Tour

AR Training

VR Value Test

Vr Game

3D post

Video 360

Improve your Onboarding process

innovation inside your company

The first real change needs to take place within the company: revolutionizing the processes of recruitment, functional training and team assimilation. Our focus is on developing emotional and social learning that’s innovative and personalized, with the goal of getting employees more involved in company processes and logic.

HR World
Prepare your team for the change

The big challenge for the HR sector is to contribute to a company’s digitalization, getting employees involved and making them feel like an active part of the change. It values every single employee but also contributes to the innovative positioning of the company. With the help of virtual reality, it’s possible to simulate different settings and risky situations, to enable quick and dynamic learning.

the Onboarding process

  • Employee records
  • Choices made during games 
  • TPC (timing per choice)
  • Success scores
  • Global Scores
  • Gamification
  • Individual profiles
  • Aggregate data
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